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Our Story

Chuck and Martha Uhlir began their insurance careers in the mid 1990’s and in 2005 became employed by a nationally known Medicare insurance company.
As the senior population continued to expand and more companies entered the market, it became evident to the Uhlir’s that they could better serve the needs of their clients by offering choices from multiple Medicare insurance carriers. They strongly believed that every individual should have an opportunity to choose a plan best suited for their individual healthcare needs, lifestyle and financial budget. “Rather than fitting our clients to a plan, we wanted to fit a plan to our clients.” From this simple strategy, The Health Insurance Shoppe (The Shoppe) became a reality when it opened for business on Battleground Avenue in 2011.
To better understand and relate to their growing clientele, Chuck and Martha earned their credentials as Certified Senior Advisors (CSA)® in 2013. Building solid relationships based on transparency and trust, The Shoppe has continued to grow with each passing year. Eleven agents now serve clients from across North Carolina.
The Shoppe moved to its present location at historic Revolution Mill in 2016. The Shoppe has expanded its options and offers multiple Medicare, health and life insurance products from nationally recognized insurance companies.
If you or your family and friends would like a professional, yet relaxed and comfortable place to come learn about insurance options best suited for you, then we invite you to visit us at Revolution Mill or attend one of our free monthly educational seminars.

Why Certified Senior Advisor Matters

The Society of Certified Senior Advisors (SCSA) educates and certifies professionals who work with seniors through its Working with Older Adults education program and the Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® credential.
The CSA® Working with Older Adults education course gives professionals practical, multidisciplinary knowledge, tools, and resources to help them serve older adults more effectively. The CSA® professional better understands the health, social and financial issues that are important to seniors and the dynamics of how these factors work together for the protection of their health and welfare.
The CSA® credential is the leading certification for professionals serving seniors and is a designation awarded only to qualified individuals. Older adults can be confident that CSA® professionals are knowledgeable in the issues facing older adults and maintain the highest ethical standards.

Upcoming Meetings


We hold monthly “Welcome to Medicare” meetings that are designed to be brief and informative. Join us at one of our locations!
Please call us or click below to reserve your seat.

Mimi’s Cafe/Friendly Center

3322 W. Friendly Ave. Greensboro, NC
July 18 | August 13 | September 10 | October 8 | November 12 | December 10
6:00 pm


K&W Cafeteria

201 S. Estes Dr., Chapel Hill, NC
July 16 | August 20 | September 17 | October 15 | November 19 | December 17
2:00 pm


MayFlower Restaurant

1641 Freeway Dr., Reidsville, NC
July 2 | August 6 | September 3
6:00 pm


Revolution Mill

1175 Revolution Mill Dr. Studio 4, Greensboro, NC
July 13 | August 10 | September 14 | October 19 | November 16 | December 14
11:00 am


Forest Oaks Country Club

4600 Forest Oaks Dr., Greensboro, NC
July 11 | August 1 | September 5 | October 3
6:00 pm



1653 New Garden Rd., Greensboro. NC
September 20 | October 11 | November 15 | December 13
2:00 pm

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 1175 Revolution Mill Drive, Studio 4, Greensboro, NC

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Directions to The Health Insurance Shoppe at historic Revolution Mill.

Traveling on Yanceyville Road in Greensboro, turn onto Revolution Mill Drive. Park in the visitor parking lot in front of Cugino Forno Pizzeria and the Red/White Water Tower. Enter Revolution Mill through the glass doors between the Water Tower and Cugino Forno Pizzeria. Turn left down the first hallway and our offices are the first doors to the right. Welcome!

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