long term care insurance

If you know anything about the future, it’s that it’s impossible to predict. The purpose of insurance as a whole is to be able to face the future with more confidence, taking any emergency or accident into account. With long term care insurance, the motive is no different. Long term care insurance provides coverage where Medicare and health insurance doesn’t. Sometimes a nursing home stay and at-home care isn’t enough.

Long term care insurance covers the costs of the care you need when dealing with a chronic medical condition, a disability, or a disorder such as Alzheimer’s. Most long term care policies will reimburse the policyholder if they receive at home care, are in a nursing home, an assisted living facility or an adult day care. The cost of your specific policy will depend on the amount the policy will pay per day, the number of days it will pay and the age of the person buying the plan. You can be eligible for a long term care plan if you already have a debilitating condition and if you are not yet over 75. For guidance, most people purchase these plans before their mid-sixties.

Face the future with confidence, knowing everything you need to receive care for a chronic illness will be covered. Failing to purchase a plan could result in your long term financial plan suffering. Take the conservative route, acknowledge the possible risks, and prepare with confidence.

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