Medicare & Health Insurance Guidance Program

Got Individual Health Insurance?
Got Medicare? Got Medicaid? Got Questions?

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Triad Healthcare Network and The Health Insurance Shoppe are partnered to answer questions and provide the help and guidance you need with Medicare, Prescription Drug, Special Needs, Dual Eligible and individual health plans.

Where To Start

It's easy...

Step 1

Consult with a Professional

Talk with a professional to determine which Medicare or under age 65 health care plan you may be eligible for!

Step 2

Verify Eligibility & Choose a Plan

Verify your eligibility and choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle, financial, and health care needs!

Step 3

Enroll & Enjoy the Benefits!

Enroll in a plan, maximize your benefits, minimize your costs, and enjoy!

Here’s How We Can Help

Educate, Advocate, and Enroll

The Health Insurance Shoppe’s multi-licensed professionals provide unbiased essential education to help individuals make smart and informed decisions based on their own health care needs.

We advocate on behalf of our clients because we are not incentivized to favor one company over the other. We do not charge for our services! We represent all the major insurance companies equally so we put the client’s needs first!

We provide enrollment assistance with the following…


Local offices are located at historic Revolution Mill in Greensboro, NC.

1175 Revolution Mill Dr, Studio 4
Greensboro, NC 27405

[email protected]

(336) 763-0776

I understand that by providing the information above, The Health Insurance Shoppe will provide me with information on attending an educational webinar on Medicare 101 via the email address provided.