short term medical plans Greensboro, NC

Why would someone purchase short term medical insurance? Maybe you are historically at a lower risk for illness and do not need regular health services or prescriptions. Then a short term medical insurance plan would be right for you. Short term medical plans are often best for those who want a health insurance plan in case of an emergency or are needing immediate coverage. These policies can also be a useful solution if you’re looking for a more standard coverage option during a transitional period of your life, such as being in between jobs for a long period of time.

Short term medical plans are typically much more affordable per month than major medical plans. However, prices of plans will range on a variety of factors, including where you live, your gender and family history. You are eligible for short term medical if you have changed jobs, lost employer-sponsored coverage, attend an out of state college, or are waiting for the annual enrollment period.

Many people like the convenience of short term medical plans. Compared to major medical insurance, they can provide you peace of mind while life may seem unfamiliar. The advantage in short term medical plans is that many applicants are approved for their plan much quicker than typical long term plans. Short term medical insurance can cover you for up to three months while you’re looking for more consistent coverage. Our team of insurance experts at The Health Insurance Shoppe are here for whatever life throws your way. We’ll also be able to expand your coverage for dental and vision insurance if you’re needing it.

We can’t mention this enough, our services are at no extra cost to you, so why wait? Give us a call today to talk to one of our licensed agents about short term medical insurance. Helping you is our business.